It is TRUE that as of January 1, 2020, R22 refrigerant is no longer legal to produce or import in the United States. That means that contractors will have to use existing supplies of R22 to service units, which according to the the Air Conditioning and Heating magazine, the NEWS, is readily available and easy to find.


With the phaseout of R22 comes an opportunity for unsavory HVAC companies to use unethical sales tactics to sell more units. Some contractors are exploiting the phaseout and scaring customers into thinking they need to replace their current system just because it uses R22, which is completely FALSE. Contractors can legally buy R22 from the current U.S. supply and put it into your unit. It’s a classic scare tactic used to sell more units and it is confusing customers. Below are the facts about the phaseout of R22.



  • Producing R22 in the U.S.
  • Importing R22 into the U.S.


  • Using R22 in your current system.
  • Contractors putting R22 into your system.
  • Contractors buying R22 from current supplies in the U.S.

Beware of HVAC companies who claim you need a new unit because of the phaseout or because it is/will be expensive to buy R22. According to the NEWS magazine, in this article, that is simply not the case. The price and availability of R22 is not an issue and shouldn’t be anytime soon.

If your unit is running fine, but uses R22, you could be wasting thousands of dollars replacing it when you don’t need to. Don’t fall victim to this scare tactic. Ask for legitimate sources for their claims and know the truth before you commit to spending your money. Don’t be misled into thinking having, using or buying R22 is illegal or exorbitantly expensive right now. It simply is not.

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